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New 2025 Cape2Rio Race date announced at winner’s celebration

After 3300 nautical miles and a shoulder operation, Cape2Rio overall winner Adrian Kuttel finally raised the iconic South Atlantic Race trophy in victory at a winners’ celebration hosted at the Royal Cape Yacht Club on Friday. South African solo sailor Adrian Kuttel made history in the Cape2Rio race with his outstanding performance to win the […]

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Leaderboard – Prize giving

Prizegiving Cape2Rio 2023 Salao Nobre (Noble Room) at the Iate Clube do Rio De Janeiro was the perfect venue for the Cape2Rio 2023 prize giving. The beautifully decorated venue, with a very large balcony over looking Guanabara Bay and the impressive  Yacht Club  made all feel very welcome at the club. The DG set the

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Leaderboard – 29|01|2023

News from the fleet: The final 3 boats arrive tonight and chances are they might be early evening instead of the middle of the night.  At least it is cooler waiting for them in the dark! Nyamazela I believe this will be our final position report…unless we get totally becalmed along the coast today.. We

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Leaderboard – 28|01|2023

News from the fleet: The city of Rio De Janeiro was particularly spectacular last night with Sugarloaf Mountain silhouetted in front of Christ the Redeemer, as Sterna quietly crossed the line at about 22h30 last night.  She was welcomed at the dock by other crews and the exchange of stories began.  Interestingly 80% of the

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Leaderboard – 27|01|2023

News from the fleet: We await the remainder of the fleet with the arrival of Alexforbes ArchAngel and Argonaut, the two youngest teams in the fleet. Alexforbes ArchAngel, skippered by Sibusiso Sizatu was greeted with much fanfare on the dock by fellow competitors. RCYC Sailing Academy can now comfortably say that they have an offshore

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Leaderboard – 26|01|2023

News from the fleet: A Family Affair Last night Race Control sped out to the finishing line to meet Cool Ideas Nemesis sailed by Tony and Sigi Bailes. We had on board, daughters Tammy and Jenna Bailes who were able to jump across for a the much-awaited hug and greeting. In true Cape2Rio spirit, Ray

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Leaderboard – 25|01|2023

News from the fleet: Adrian Kuttel’s exhausted face says it all! Argonaut Well we can almost smell the finish line. Last night skipper was woken as lightning was spotted on the horizon, directly in front of us and on our course. Whilst avoiding action was taken the lightning and accompanying low pressure also took action

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Leaderboard – 24|01|2023

News from the fleet: More photos… Race Control departed for the finishing line with 2 boats neck and neck some 7 miles from the finish line. We were able to identify the navigation lights from the tracker and we watched the boats moving closer and closer. At 23h12 on the 23rd  January,  Kavanagh on Ray

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Leaderboard – 23|01|2023

News from the fleet: Atalanta A beautiful sailing day out here today. I shall enjoy every minute. Argonaut According to our waypoint and chart plotter 500 miles to go as we took our position report today. Hoping to finish in 3 days but some seriously light stuff outside of Rio is predicted for our arrival

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Leaderboard – 22|01|2023

News from the fleet: Adventurerio 4 – Congratulations and welcome back to Brazil! Finish photos here What a last day of a challenging race! We had from 37 to 0 in 24hs! Our boat speed ranged from 21.5 to floating…After a difficult storm we became completely becalmed and are now trying to move with the

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Leaderboard – 21|01|2023

News from the fleet: Norhi have finished and the first to arrive in Rio de Janeiro – welcome!   (Here are Norhi’s finish photos…) Alexforbes ArchAngel Everything is good on board we crossed Argonaut this morning so there was abit of excitement, other then that the conditions are good with good breeze Argonaut Around 3am

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Leaderboard – 20|01|2023

News from the fleet: Translated 9 Everything OK on board Alexforbes ArchAngel Good morning MJ. The books we have here need one to have a dictionary while reading lot of bambastic words. Argonaut We are considering conducting a feasibility study on reefable spinnakers. The following questions arise: i. Would we need to drop from masthead

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Leaderboard – 19|01|2023

News from the fleet: Alexforbes ArchAngel All good on board, we getting there. Argonaut All well on board. Hot. Nyamazela Trust all well in Rio and the beers and caprinhas are cold ! Adventurerio 4 We have been complaining about the light winds. On our way from Brazil to South Africa we averaged 205 nm

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Leaderboard – 18|01|2023

News from the fleet: Sterna All good on Sterna. Saw tricolour last night. Not sure if c2r boat. Argonaut Solidly in the trades. Life is settling into a rhythm. 1300 miles to go.. daily routine revolves around spinnakers, food and cooling down techniques. Watermaker working overtime. Not much swimming or fishing happening.. this is a

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Leaderboard – 17|01|2023

News from the fleet: Nyamazela Hi Jennifer, all well ! Adventurerio 4 Time…When was the last time you dedicated a long time to just ONE thing? By long I mean weeks. When was the last time you spent 2 weeks doing just ONE thing? Day and night? Everyday (and every night)? Yes, we have been

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Leaderboard – 16|01|2023

News from the fleet: Adventurerio 4 Temperatures have been rising, and the sea water has come from 17 to 27 C. Last night for the first time we could do our watches without a jacket on the deck. This morning at 08:15 we crossed the 1000nm distance to the finish line. Our Lipe, the youngest

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Leaderboard – 15|01|2023

News from the fleet: Ray of Light Forecasts show more light air to deal with around Trinidade, working West, trying hard not to give North away. More twists to come in this tale. Repairs to A3 continue, please ask Sophie / Mike to bring more sticky back to Rio for the trip home, we are

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Leaderboard – 14|01|2023

News from the fleet: Alexforbes ArchAngel Everything is good on board moving at a steady speed. Adventurerio 4 This night we had good wind but VERY turbulent, with some shifts of 20 and even 30 degrees coming suddenly. It made steering more difficult, and our big spi started to colapse sometimes, which is dangerous. Coupled

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Leaderboard – 13|01|2023

News from the fleet: Adventurerio 4 Yesterday we had another lazy wind for the afternoon, sometimes barely filling the spinnaker. But since early morning the wind has come, and now we really hope it’ll stay. Now we have 12-15 knots from dead astern and the big spi flying. Beautiful sailing! Everyday we have to inform

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Leaderboard – 12|01|2023

News from the fleet: Alexforbes ArchAngel Everything very good on board we are dying of the heat but pushing forward in about 15knots of wind . Argonaut Adventurerio 4 Winds are definitely not strong, but at least they have been blowing since yesterday, and we have been able to fly our big spinnaker and make

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Leaderboard – 11|01|2023

News from the fleet: Alexforbes ArchAngel All is well on board finally moving again counting down the miles. Argonaut Champagne sailing conditions as the champagne is busy getting cold to celebrate finally crossing the meridian. Turned towards Rio this morning and set our waypoint for the finish line. Blew our light wind kite yesterday playing

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Leaderboard – 10|01|2023

News from the fleet:   Alexforbes ArchAngel Hi all we first had our formal gala for crossing the GMT and there after the party started it was great fun you all missed a good time being at sea isn’t that boring at all. Argonaut Lovely day in the sun, lots of swimming. Dolphins. Some maintenance

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Leaderboard – 09|01|2023

News from the fleet: Alexforbes ArchAngel We started all excited as we started the race on the 2nd of Jan and as we had a good slow start to the race we all had time to settle in and adjust to being at sea for a long period of time. As the race went on

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Leaderboard – 08|01|2023

News from the fleet: Argonaut At 2am this morning after going strong for 30 odd years and in their 5th Rio Race together, our mast and boom decided to file for an immediate divorce. Friends and family gathered on deck rapidly to intervene but they were having none of it. This morning, intensive marriage counselling

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Leaderboard – 07|01|2023

News from the fleet: Aleforbes ArchAngel Good on board we are in tshirts and shorts weather and a steady 12 – 15 knots, time to spring clean and air out…we took our first proper wash too, so everything smells human again. Alexforbes Connectors Argonaut Hoisted. Sailed. Dropped. Gybed. Hoisted. Lunched. Plotted. Looked. Discussed Retrospected. Reported.

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Leaderboard – 06|01|2023

News from the fleet: Argonaut All is well here. Crew just had their first Atlantic bucket shower. Apart from that all the eye can see is blue sea. Flying fish and turtle sightings. Big swell. Happy days! Atalanta all good on board.  breeze up and down.  attending to small jobs. Aventureiro 4 The seas have

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Leaderboard – 05|01|2023

News from the fleet: Alexforbes ArchAngel All is well on the Alexforbes archangel ,we had or first kite rap but sorted that out with out any damages and got on our way again. The mood is ok jolly on board even though the sea state is like a washing machine. Conditions at the moment is

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Leaderboard – 04|01|2023

News from the fleet: Alexforbes ArchAngel We running on 1.5 spin everyone still pumped and excited. Argonaut Enjoying a beautiful sail so far.. leaving out the cursing and the swearing. Atalanta romping along out here. water and weather has warmed up considerably so happy to shed all the layers. My sons birthdays today. Happy Birthday

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Leaderboard – 03|01|2023

News from the fleet: Alexforbes ArchAngel Crew all in good shape boat performance still good. Argonaut Little bit late jotting it down as we had a jammer rip off the mast as 12pm hit! Otherwise all well, eating well! Crew happy and healthy. And about to have sundowners! Atalanta all good on board. slow variable

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