Cape2Rio2020 | Day 21 Report

JM Busha believe they are through the worst of the weather they’ve tackled in the last 24 hours, where they reported seeing 6m waves and very strong winds while running with the storm.

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 20 Report

The fleet has responded to a sub tropical depression (which may yet be elevated to a sub tropical storm named Kurumí *) is predicted to affect areas on the path through which some in the fleet will sail from Thursday through to Saturday.

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 19 Report

The Race Committee has issued a further weather warning, which we will get to in detail after a brief synopsis of what’s happening out there in the South Atlantic. The fleet is beginning to batten down the hatches and prepare for the storm ahead.

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 17 Report

Who would have thought 49 years ago when this race first started that the line honours winner of the Cape to Rio Race would take just 7 days and 20 hours to complete this South Atlantic dash? Well that’s what ‘Love Water’, skippered by Craig Sutherland, achieved – 49 years after the first race.

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 16 Report

Here is the most incredible tale from two perspectives: SAA 223 Operating Pilot, Richard Button, last Sunday and Almagores II have a strange encounter.

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 4 Report

The classic Cape to Rio race strategy call – trading off extra distance against the risk of the South Atlantic high – is being played out in real time by two of the Start 1 fleet.

Cape2Rio2020 | First Start pictures

Start One of the Cape2Rio2020 took place in Table Bay at 14:00 on 4 January 2020.  Perfect conditions with a light Westerly wind and a sun-drenched bay saw the slower fleet off after The Blessing of the Fleet and farewells at Royal Cape Yacht Club.

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