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Leaderboard – 13|01|2020

News from the fleet: Adriana: Our spinnaker blew, under repair now Best regards Ciao Bella – JM BUSHA 54 Sailing: WE HAVE JUST CROSSED THE MERIDIAN! We celebrated with some good old top deck chocolate. But we have better news, our desalinator is up and running and making water as well as usual. Please send

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Maserati - photo by Simone Balman

Leaderboard – 12|01|2020

News from the fleet: Adriana: Light winds today Best regards Voice message to be passed on to Paul (Safety Officer) – please add a corkscrew to the list of essential equipment! Anjo: all good with team Anjo whales spotted at sunrise and mulch happiness onboard Mussulo 40 – Team Angolan Cables: Everything Ok! A few

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Leaderboard – 11|01|2020

News from the fleet: Haspa Hamburg: It’s all fine on Board, we had a great start. Adriana: Today’s menu was chicken hot curry and beer Best regards Mojie 1: All is well. We’re headed West, finally! However, this point of sail makes life on board more. Hall gong due to heeling! Read the story behind

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Leaderboard – 10|01|2020

News from the fleet: Myrtle of Bonnievale: We had 20 knots of wind from South the whole of yesterday and made good miles under main sail and spinnaker. Today is sunny with 14 knots of wind from the South and we are moving satisfactory. We have not had much luck with fishing, but this morning

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Leaderboard – 09|01|2020

News from the fleet: Adriana: Starting to blow 🙂 Argonaut:  Fixing bug kite and just had beautifully cooked sirloin. On the braai of course. Ciao Bella – JM BUSHA 54 Sailing Team: The wind is finally back and the team could not be happier! Full send from now to Rio Myrtle of Bonnievale: We are

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Leaderboard – 08|01|2020

News from the fleet: Adriana: Today is braai day Best regards Argonaut:  Yesterday we changed small kite to big kite. Was not a good idea. Extraordinary strong gust tore the top off. Now we need a seamstress please. Thank you. Argonaut crew had a fabulous swim in crystal clear 22 degree warm mid atlantic water.

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@Cape2Rio2020 First Start, 4 January

Leaderboard – 07|01|2020

News from the fleet: Argonaut:  Saw Umoya off our starboard bow. Fixed bilge pump in anchor locker. Flying a baby kite whilst the ram kite dries off – it was in the anchor locker. Great fluorescents in the water last night. More great food and Braaiing Ronin: Had a great run last 24 hrs. 195

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@Cape2Rio2020 First Start, 4 January

Leaderboard – 06|01|2020

News from the fleet: Argonaut:  Braaied springbok rump & sweet potatoes + carrot salad for dinner opened a bottle of springfield wholeberry last night. Flying along at 6 knots. Pls ask organizing committee to organize wind. Can see mojie still and many of the fleet on AIS. Saw some jelly fish. Rod out to catch

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Leaderboard – 05|01|2020

News from the fleet: Argonaut: Whale swam under under the boat. Lots of dolphins. Indulgence: Somewhat of a hectic start with our genoa sheet that came loose at the first marker followed by a dash of over enthusiasm at the second marker… but hey all good. As it is still the first day we are

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