A yacht named Hamburg

A yacht named Hamburg is no stranger to the Cape2Rio Race, as far back as 1971 The Norddeutscher Regatta Verein

 facilitated the entry of the yacht Hamburg V11 to participate in the Cape to Rio Race. This wonderful William H Tripp Jr. is still sailing today  and crossed the line into Rio in 13th position and finished 21st on handicap, completing the crossing in 27d 17h 25m.
From the Rio71 book we have the following extract page102 “ Hundreds of young Germans have learnt their sailing on successive yachts called Hamburg”.
Haspa Hamburg, line honours winner in the Mono-hull class of the 2020 Cape2Rio race continued this tradition. Haspa Hamburg a Judel/Vrolijk 52 completed the race in 16d 21h 3m 15s and finished 4th on Handicap
We look forward to future participation in 2023 and invite all our friends globally to consider entering C2R2023.

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