12th Entry – Team Angola Cables – Mussulo 40

Mussulo 40 will be sailed by two veterans of the last Rio race, the skipper/owner Jose Guilherme Pereira Caldas and Leonardo Chicourel as crew.

Jose was born in Angola, and has named all his boats Mussulo, an archipelago of islands south of Luanda the Angolan capital. Leonardo is Brazilian with many miles under his belt, and has sailed with jose for several years.

They have recently sailed the Caribbean 600, a 600miles race around the island, as a team part of their preparation for the Cape 2Rio.

The boat designed by Owen Clark, built in Cape Town by Jazz Marine is a Class 40 launched 2009, is currently in Brazil where they will race some more events as training.

The boat will be arriving around end of October to be optimized for the Cape2Rio.

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