Ray of Light

Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC) and Iate Club do Rio de Janeiro (ICRJ) take pleasure in announcing the entry of Ray of Light. In the 2017 Rio Race Ray of Light was crewed by the Kavanagh and Bailes families. In 2023 we will be racing against each other, the Kavanagh’s and friends on Ray of Light and the Bailes and friends on Nemesis.

Siyanda Vato was part of Ray of Light‘s crew in 2017. In the 2020 Rio Race MAZI Asset Management backed Siya and crew in the race. Francois Olivier from MAZI was a key supporter of Siya. This time he will be sailing with his good friends Eugene and Nicky for what promises to be an epic bucket list adventure. Siya joins them for his 3rd consecutive Rio race. Sean Kavanagh was 8 years old in the 2017 race. He has vivid memories of the race and can’t wait to do it again. Sean had a very brief encounter with an enormous marlin mid Atlantic, this time he will be more prepared to ensure the beautiful fish visits a little longer if we meet again.

Apart from the race itself, we are looking forward to a few days of island hopping at Ilha Grande, and being a horticulturist, Heidi can’t wait to visit the Rio botanical gardens.

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