Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC) and Iate Club do Rio de Janeiro (ICRJ) take pleasure in announcing the entry of Argonaut. The 50th anniversary of the Cape2Rio race was too tempting a call for The Argonauts to ignore. Recently returned from a three month tour of the Wild Coast, the crew of Argonaut are ready to announce their fifth entry into this iconic South Atlantic Race.

With a boat that has been thoroughly tested, an eager crew and some major upgrades planned, this will be a team to watch in this golden edition of the race. Whilst the braai will still burn they intend on racing hard and getting to Rio in record time.

After the race Argonaut will be bobbing around in Rio for carnival before venturing South and testing the heater and ice
breaking capabilities of the bow.

Boat specs

Type: Monohull
Make: Van De Stadt Samoa 47
Type: Fractional Cutter
Sail #: SA 1366
Country: Guernsey
LOA: 14.3m
Beam: 4.5m
Owner/Skipper: Charles McDonald
Number of crew: 6

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