Cape2Rio2020 | Day 24 Report

By Luke Scott

Day 24 Report – Luke Scott

What an amazing day full of finishers! A massive release of a spectrum of emotions from the sailors, families, friends and race supporters as the first five monohulls cross the finish line: Ciao Bella – JM BUSHA 54; Haspa Hamburg; Mussulo 40 Angola Cables; Almagores II & Mojie I.

And although the final pecking order is far from decided, there are a number of “knowns” to draw from these finishers:
Ciao Bella : start one monohull line honours, youngest skipper finished.
Haspa Hamburg: start two monohull line honours
Mussulo 40: first monohull doublehander to finish
Almagores II: fourth monohull to cross the line, third of the start two boats. At 102 feet, the second largest boat ever in the Cape2Rio (there was a 115 foot boat entered in the first Cape to Rio Race in 1971)
Mojie I: second monohull to finish of the start one fleet.

See all the finish photos HERE

There’s been a lot on the go here in Rio and time is at a premium, so the timing (and time zone difference) of this report is a little bit out of sync, but the incredible finish images will continue to come through as a host of boats finish in the next 24 hours, and the stories from the sailors on the dock will start to flow!

We are going out shortly to finish the first catamaran, Sulanga, and then the local darlings on Saravah!
With many boats now within close proximity to the South American continent, expect a full flow of finishers coming in the next few days, although the tricky winds between Cabo Frio appear to be doing what they do… so the boats that have finished will be pleased to have their “runs on the board”…

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