DSTV Explora

Cape2Rio2014 | DSTV Explora Update – Day 9

The crew of DTSV Explora, racing in the 2014 Cape 2 Rio race, are being kept busy with maintaining the boat, and coping with a few bumps along the way. With just a third of the race to go they are starting to think about Rio and what they will find there. Published by SuperSport

Cape2Rio2014 | DSTV Explora with 1500nm to go

Navigator Ken Venn and skipper Craig Sutherland update their progress after a couple of days without internet communication. As the crew carries out running repairs on damaged sails, Explora prepares to gybe north for the last 1 500 miles into Rio. Published by SuperSport

Cape2Rio2014 | DSTV Explora drying out on day 4

Explora’s navigator Ken Venn recaps on the team’s progress so far in the 2014 Cape 2 Rio race. The crew’s fowl weather gear dries on deck as they make 16 knots, having travelled 850 NM from Cape Town in 78 hours. Published by SuperSport

Cape2Rio2014 | Step aboard Cape to Rio racing yacht

Get a rare peek inside a racing yacht. The Explora was christened on Wednesday in Cape Town, from where she will set sail for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 4 January 2014. Published by Eyewitness News

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