Visitors are required to settle all outstanding balances with the RCYC, then complete a VOYAGE PLAN as well as PORTNET CLEARANCE FORM (supplied by RCYC Office).

Once completed, three Clearance certificates will be issued for PORTNET, CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION by the RCYC office.

South African registered vessels require the following:

i. Vessels registered in South Africa require the Boat Owner/Skipper to submit a SAMSA registration document (boat MUST be registered at SAMSA)

If you wish to sail in foreign waters a SAS listing and COF are no longer sufficient. You will need to get your vessel registered through SAMSA and also obtain a local general Safety Certificate (LGSC) for your yacht.

Without these documents you will not be able to clear customs.

ii. Voyage Plan – to include anticipated route as well as Insurance Certificate.

Proceed to PORTNET Multipurpose Terminal, situated near the PORTNET TOWER.

On weekends PORTNET operates from the BON 1 Building, situated behind the Mission to Seafarers (opposite Table Bay Police Station) in Duncan Road.

Following PORTNET, proceed to next door to IMMIGRATION.

The last port of call is CUSTOMS CLEARANCE & VAT Refund. To claim VAT, all original invoices are required. For items too large to bring to the office, appointments can be arranged 24hrs in advance wherein a officer will conduct an inspection on board.

When leaving for an international clearance the following procedure applies (all to be presented to the customs officer upon clearance):

  1. Immigration clearance
  2. Letter from the yacht club
  3. Registration document of the yacht
  4. A completed DA1 form for outward clearance of the yacht
  5. DA3 –in order to be cleared for sailing to an international destination

Customs Crew Form – BI-157

SARS – DA 1 Report Inwards Outwards for Ships

SARS – DA 3 Certificate of Clearance for Ships for a Destination Outside the Republic.