Customs/clearing agents are available at a cost of $450 (This includes clearance in and out of Rio Port).


Visa requirements for Brazil

Documents required:

  1. Crews Passports
  2. Certificate of Competence Yachtmaster Ocean
  3. Certificate of Registry
  4. If the owner isn’t part of the crew – contract passing responsibilities of the vessel to the skipper
  5. Last port departure paper plus immigration stamped crew list
  6. Declaration from the local yacht club (ICRJ) your arrival and estimated date of visit.

Some clearing-in advice from Liza Zagt (Leia B), 2017 entrant:

  1. The entire crew is required to report to the Federal Policia situated just outside the Placa XV in Centro. The entrance is obscure as the guard lets you in through the car gate and you have to go up ‘backyard stairs’ to the correct department which is called NEPOM. Each crew member must have a passport, the boat’s registration certificate as well as a letter from the Rio Yacht Club in Portugese explaining that the boat was part of the race, who the skipper was etc. This letter was given to us by Tiuana (can’t remember her name exactly).

Address: Centro Cultural do Ministério da Saúde (CCMS), Praça Mal. Âncora, 95 – Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20021-200, Brazil (Policia Federal)
(It is about 400m behind the ferry station on the right facing the sea, it is walking distance to the next place – follow the sea along the promenade past Museo do Amanha)

  1. This process must then be repeated again at the Port Captains office, this is also located Olympic Boulevard – Next to the Brazilian Navy Museum. Each port visited requires  clearing in and out with the Federal Police and Port Captain´s office (if not this can lead to a fine on the boat and skipper).
  1. The skipper must report to the cruiseliner customs office (Receita Federal) which is situated in warehouse 5 (Olympic boulevard). These officials require the same letter as well as the boat’s registration certificate. I believe there is a website which can also be used but not sure exactly what it is.

Address: Armazem 5: Av. Rodrigues Alves – Gambôa, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20220-560, Brazil

This entire procedure shouldn’t take longer than 3 hours.