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News 2020

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 16 Report

Here is the most incredible tale from two perspectives: SAA 223 Operating Pilot, Richard Button, last Sunday and Almagores II have a strange encounter.

News 2020

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 14 Report

The all-consuming battle between Love Water and Maserati looks set to deliver its grand finale in the next 24 hours. It’s not over yet…

News 2020

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 13 Report

One has to continue to marvel at modern technology, especially the YB Trackers, which bring the race live to so many followers the world over.

News 2020

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 12 Report

Was it a surprise to see the big dogs dive south so dramatically? Probably not as one has to really keep one eye on the tracker and another on the weather.

News 2020

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 11 Report

Something the landlubbers following this race may not know about ocean racing is that outside assistance is simply not permitted and at its worst can be punishable by disqualification, or with a time penalty at the finish.

News 2020

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 10 Report

With the front-runners now passing due south of St Helena Island in good breeze, it’s been a spectacular first half for these boats, who are now starting the slow turn down around the south Atlantic high and aiming at last for Rio.

News 2020

Cape2Rio 2020 Second Start – 11th January 2020

by Dawn Jorgensen The Race Is On. With the First Start cruisers a week into the much revered Cape2Rio 2020 yacht race and by now …

News 2020

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 9 Report

One just has to stand back in awe at the sheer speed and distance covered by the two big dogs, ‘Maserati’ and ‘Love Water’ as they are stripping miles off the chart quicker than a marauding gamefish strips line off a reel!

News 2020

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 8 Report

Like greyhounds, the moment they were set free they were off at breakneck speeds for Rio, with the record books looking like they might well be re-written.

@Cape2Rio2020 entry @lovewater2020 arrives in Cape Town
News 2020

Cape2Rio2020 | Day 7 Report

There’s been a huge move on the leader board as the fleet clock up their first 1000nm in the race and edge ever closer to the Meridian (0 degrees longitude) and the western hemisphere.

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