2009 | Cape to Rio

2009 | CAPE TO BAHIA Galleries Start Date: January 2009Finish: Salvador, Bahia Number of Entries: 49Mark: Ilha da Trinadade Race Distance: 3380nm Sponsor: Heineken Handicap Results: Winner: City of Cape TownSkipper/Owner: Gerry HegieTime: 17d0012m Second Place: Ciao BelaSkipper/Owner: Michael RobinsonTime: 20d10h12m Third Place: Xtra-LinkSkipper/Owner: Dale KushnerTime: 19d20h35m Line Honours Results: Winner: ProdigySkipper/Owner: Chris FrostTime: 15d23h57m Second Place: City of Cape TownSkipper/Owner: Gerry HegieTime: 17d00h12m […]

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