Kerry Pryde

Leaderboard – 10|01|2023

News from the fleet:   Alexforbes ArchAngel Hi all we first had our formal gala for crossing the GMT and there after the party started it was great fun you all missed a good time being at sea isn’t that boring at all. Argonaut Lovely day in the sun, lots of swimming. Dolphins. Some maintenance

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Leaderboard – 09|01|2023

News from the fleet: Alexforbes ArchAngel We started all excited as we started the race on the 2nd of Jan and as we had a good slow start to the race we all had time to settle in and adjust to being at sea for a long period of time. As the race went on

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Leaderboard – 08|01|2023

News from the fleet: Argonaut At 2am this morning after going strong for 30 odd years and in their 5th Rio Race together, our mast and boom decided to file for an immediate divorce. Friends and family gathered on deck rapidly to intervene but they were having none of it. This morning, intensive marriage counselling

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